About Holiday Rhoads

The headline says it all, the Mid-Atlantic Field Guide is The last guide to the Peoples and the places of the Mid-Atlantic region and the Universe beyond as reported by award-winning photojournalist Holiday Rhoads.

A big promise, and one that Holiday Rhoads is well equipped to keep. For nigh on 60 year now, photographer Rhoads has plied his trade as photojournalist throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America, documenting the life and death of its many and varied people.

Their joys and fears and pleasures have all, at one time or another, come under the unblinking  lens of Rhoads.

In these pages, we will not be dwelling on the impressive photographic body of work that is the obvious legacy of Holiday Rhoads, but we will concern ourselves with  his thoughts and opinions on the life, the world,  around us.

Many may find his words challenging, even unpopular, but as the minor poet Richie Haney once said, “if they like what you have to say (pause for effect) you’re not doing your job”

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