Richmond Virginia ‘State of the Schools’ and Frankenstein lighting

Cell Phone picture of Dr. Yvonne Brandon provided by member of the audience

Richmond Virginia Schools Super Dr. Yvonne W. Brandon gives her annual “State of the Schools” speech at Henderson Middle School in Richmond Virginia, but what’s with the Frankenstein lighting?

Certainly, the school system wanted to take full advantage of their visual aids, but did Dr. Brandon have to look like she was speaking from inside of a tin can?

Another oddity were the foreign Countries the Richmond Virginia School System chose to close out their presentation.

The bit consisted  of some area school children singing and say “goodbye” in various languages from around the world. It was nicely done but their choice of countries included, and even more importantly, those EXCLUDED seemed rather bizarre.

Those included were America, Africa, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii (a State, not a Country by the way), Israel and France.

Notable by their absence was the whole of China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the whole of the Middle East, Russia, Germany of course, and Scandinavia and South America and Canada.

What on earth were they thinking and what if anything can we read into excluding some of the most important countries on earth when it comes to the well-being and security of these children as they grow into adulthood in an increasingly hostile world?

Perhaps the school leaders wanted to pick countries that are  noncontroversial  in keeping with the tone of Dr. Brandon’s speech itself. Some negatively  was directed at the news media and no  mention made of the challenges that have faced the Richmond Virginia School system lately such as the resistance by many in the community to the new Patrick Henry Charter School and the use of iron grates at George Wythe High School in Richmond’s South Side during lunch hours.

Nice effort, it’s just too bad they never heard of a back light and the concept of background separation.

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