Murder rate on increase in Richmond Virginia

Some shocking news from our neighbors back East in Virgina’s Capitol City.

Another woman died by violence  in Hillside Court this week, on the same street where two people were gunned down at around 4 am New Years Day.

Hillside Court is a housing project in South Richmond Virginia, and has been  the scene of a number of violent acts the past year.

Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood is the top cop in Richmond Virgina and his reaction to this latest homicide can be found in this article in a local news paper.

Additional City of Richmond police units have been assigned to patrol  Hillside Court, but some local residents are skeptical that it will change anything.

One of our local television stations in the Roanoke area reports that homicides in the Capitol City were up 19 percent in 2010. You can read see their story here .

Richmond Virginia is no stranger to high murder rates. At one time, it had the second highest in the country per capita, but has since declined on the national scene.

Sidebar :City of Richmond Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood’s resume can be found here.

His primary public relations contact is a former local television news anchor Gene Leply. Leply heads the well staffed public relations arm of the Richmond Police Department and according to their web page, they can be reached at this 804.646.6842 number.

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