Biker gangs, are they looking to take you down?

A half century ago, the sight of  beefy men wearing dirty denim and  “colors” astride powerful bikes would strike fear into the hearts of honest motorists, especially those with hot buxom wives and daughters.

The movies and media were full of tales of violent attacks on lonely rural roads and the debauching of virgins (so-called).

That fear is a thing of the past. Today most people see these  roving gangs of bikers as   middle-aged men going through a mid-life crisis, finding companionship and comfort with a throbbing machine between their legs and the wind in their face as they tool around the urban landscape with their buds

I bought into that too, based largely on the comments of the bikers themselves who  promote their sport as simply another social club when the “squares” and  local government bureaucrats (or the fuzz) seek to “regulate” them in some form or fashion.

I bought into it, until today that is. Now I’m wondering if we aren’t selling them short. In an upcoming post, we’ll pose the question “does the honest citizen need to fear these hog of the highway?”

At least one personal encounter sez they should.

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